Interior Wood Doors

Wood Door Energy Efficiency

According to the Temperate Forest Foundation, wood is 16 times more efficient as an insulator than concrete, 415 times as efficient as steel and 2,000 times as efficient as aluminum. And wood is the only truly sustainable resource as forests are able to regenerate themselves within our lifetimes.


The majority of heat loss in an entryway occurs around the door rather than through the door. Therefore the most important considerations for energy-efficiency are how well the door has been hung and the quality of the application of the weatherstripping. Take great care during these steps or hire a professional to do the work for you.


Interior Wood Door Styles and Wood Types

Red Oak Wood Door

Homeowners have long appreciated the striking, open grain of oak, as well as the rugged durability of the species. Our oak doors project an image of timeless appeal and enduring strength.


Cherry Wood Door

Nothing matches the smooth, satin texture of cherry. The wood is reddish brown in tone with a fine, straight grain. Frequently used in high-end furniture, cherry is a natural choice for upscale living.


Maple Wood Door

There is a nearly universal appeal to maple; it is equally at home in Colonial or contemporary settings. Maple is light in color. In some instances, hard maple may have curvy, birdseye or fiddleback configurations that add visual interest.


Mahogany Wood Door

Thanks to its widespread use in Victorian furnishings, mahogany is invariably associated with elegance. A reddish-brown color and close grain pattern make this species an ideal choice for creating a rich, sophisticated environment.


Solid Wood Door Model

Use Solid Wood Panel Doors for bedrooms, bathrooms, study in building, utility.Quality wood interior doors add a touch of craftsmanship and a feeling of warmth to your home.Our China Door Factory gives homeowners the freedom to take full advantage of this reality. We offer a broad range of species, each with its own distinctive character. Some of our popular species are shown below. If you have a more exotic type of wood in mind, please contact us for details about our custom capabilities.


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