Fixed Roof Multi-Span GreenhouseWorld Wholesale Bahamas carries Fixed Roof Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses for backyard gardening and professional use. All greenhouses are suitable for vegetables and flowers and are covered on the roof and the sides with poly film that has a thickness of 150microns. We offer both roof and side ventilation with our greenhouses. With the fixed roof ventilation design, there is 50 mesh insect net covering the ventilation area. Side ventilation is a manual controlled film roll-up system on both sides


Also offered with our greenhouses is a pad and fan cooling system. The basic principle behind this is he air inside the greenhouse is drawn out by the exhaust fan, resulting in negative pressure inside, so the dry and hot air will be pulled in the greenhouse by the pressure through the wet cooling pad, and then the air becomes cool after passing the cooling pad. The cool air then absorbs the heat inside greenhouse and then drawn out by the fan and the temperature is then reduced within the greenhouse. The temperature is set via a temperature sensor set up to the cooling system, if the temperature is higher in the greenhouse than set in the sensor, the cooling system will start.


Drip Irrigation systems and Inside Shade Systems are also available for your greenhouse.


Greenhouse with Cooling System Greenhouse Suitable for Vegetables and Flowers