Impact Windows

Our hurricane proof windows can provide your home or business with effortless, around-the-clock protection against hurricanes and unwanted entry. Besides hurricane door and hurricane window protection, impact-resistant windows and doors can also reduce outside noise and provide added UV protection.


We use heavy-duty aluminum frames with impact-resistant glass. A laminated glass consisting of two sheets of glass with an inner shatter-proof membrane between them. Once the glass receives a significant impact, it may shatter but the inner membrane holds the pieces firmly in its frame so that the barrier is not broken. These windows are designed to handle wind-borne debris hurled at high wind speeds and repeated impact from would-be intruders. In both cases, penetration or wind or water is nearly impossible. The inner film can be ordered in a variety of color tints helping to reduce or eliminate sun fade and UV damage in your home.


More information and pictures coming soon!